NIHR Cambridge BRC Cell Phenotyping Hub


The Immunophenotyping Hub contains state of the art cell sorters, FACS analysers and confocal microscopes. We are housed on the 6th floor extension to the department of medicine lab-block (e6)

Our 2 Primary cell sorters are BD-AriaIIIs, housed inside custom built cat2 hoods. This allows us to sort unscreened patient material

All users must receive specific training on all confocals and analysers. For facility induction contact Anna Petrunkina, for all bookings contact all e6 staff listserv

machine status qc date charge data purge
Fortessa analyser fixed! 041114 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
Fortessa2 analyser OK 271014 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
CantoII analyser OK 271014 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
FacsCalibur analyser OK 271014 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
AriaIII cell sorter OK 101114 £72 p/h n/a
Aria-fusion OK 101114 £72 p/h n/a
FACSJazz cell sorter OK 101114 £72 p/h n/a
Leica SPE confocal OK 140814 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
Leica Sp5 confocal OK 300714 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
Zeiss Axioskop ‘scope OK 250712 £free n/a
MS3 Coulter Counter OK 281014 £free n/a

MACC Basic Flow Cytometry Course
An afternoon course designed to help understand how flow cytometers work, how to design appropriate experiments and how best to analyse and present the results

12.30-16.30: 3rd December 2014, Clifford Albutt Building Lecture Theatre (old LMB), attendance is free

PhD students receive 1 skills credit

Certificates of attendance available if required registration page for course (updated 071114)

London Flow CLub

Sir Alexander Fleming building, (33 on map), upstairs and meeting room on right-Room121

18.00-21.00: 4th December 2014, Oxford

last date for registration for course 211114 (flier)

BD Clinical Immunology and Haematology User Meetings

2 x 1day meetings dedicated to clinical laboratory scientists working within immunology and haematological flow cytometry

10.00-16.00: 25th and 26th December 2014, Oxford

last date for registration for course 211114 (flier)

Immunophenotyping Service Announcement
Our BRC Cell Phenotyping Hub offers Immunophenotyping services to Cambridge BRC members, including panel assessments on the basic (analysis), comprehensive (analysis and cell separation) and advanced (purification of phenotyped cells)

Packages (per sample/assessment/half-day instrument use ; surcharge applied for extra time, additional antibodies and MACS beads scaled up to the number of cells)

Basic Phenotyping Assessment £190

Comprehensive Phenotyping Assessment and Cell Separation £300

Comprehensive Phenotyping and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting £425

These services can be customised to individual needs such that services can be used instead of packages full details of service (updated 031114)

Immunophenotyping Service Announcement
* Fortessa base configuration change on the 6th October 2014: this is to accommodate an extra detector on the violet laser, but all new experiments will need to reset configuration (The master list of the names of the detectors). Hub staff are available to help during the change.
Flow Cytometry UK Advances in Cytometry meeting 6th November 2014
New Risk Assessment for cat2 conversion of analyser room updated 070513
Flow Cytometry Course at York University 27th to 30th January 2015
Hub policy Latest statement of Hub policy-291112
CRI Amnis image stream use Use of this imaging cytometer available through Richard Grenfell The machine is housed in the CRI building on site at Addenbrooke’s