NIHR Cambridge BRC Cell Phenotyping Hub


The Immunophenotyping Hub contains state of the art cell sorters, FACS analysers and confocal microscopes. We are housed on the 6th floor extension to the department of medicine lab-block (e6)

Our Primary cell sorter is a 13 colour AriaIII that is contained inside a custom built cat2 hood, allowing us to sort unscreened patient material

All users must receive specific training on all confocals and analysers. For facility induction contact Anna Petrunkina, for all bookings contact Simon McCallum

machine status qc date charge data purge
Fortessa analyser OK 150914 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
CantoII analyser OK 150914 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
FacsCalibur analyser OK 150914 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
AriaIII cell sorter OK 150914 £72 p/h n/a
Aria-fusion OK 150914 £72 p/h n/a
FACSJazz cell sorter OK 180814 £72 p/h n/a
Leica SPE confocal fixed! 140814 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
Leica Sp5 confocal OK 300714 £21 p/h scheduled october-2014
Zeiss Axioskop ‘scope OK 250712 £free n/a

London Flow Club, Guy’s Hospital; 25th September 2014 from 6pm e-mail Susanne Heck to register
RMS Residential Flow Cytometry Course organised by Peter O’Toole 15th to 19th September 2014, University of York
New Risk Assessment for cat2 conversion of analyser room updated 070513
New Policy Statement / Increase of charges from 1st April 2013 Analyser/Confocal charges increased to £20 p/h, AriaIII/cat2 sorts charged at £70 p/h
Hub policy Latest statement of Hub policy-291112
CRI Amnis image stream use Use of this imaging cytometer available through Richard Grenfell The machine is housed in the CRI building on site at Addenbrooke’s