Renal Medicine


Professor Smith’s group is based in the CIMR, and works on immune regulation and autoimmune and inflammatory disease.  This has focused on how naturally occurring variants in immune molecules such as FcγRIIB alter immune function and predispose to autoimmunity.  The accumulation of these risk variants in the population has been shown to be, at least in part, due to their ability to protect against infections such as malaria.  With Dr Lyons and in collaboration with Addenbrooke’s Vasculitis & SLE Clinic and the Division of Gastroenterology, Smith runs a translational programme studying the pathogenesis of human disease at the same time as looking for biomarkers.  A CD8T cell transcriptional signature has been found which predicts prognosis in autoimmune disease.  The European Vasculitis Genetics Consortium is also led from the laboratory.

Dr Clatworthy studies immunological mechanisms of renal injury, in particular in areas of acute tubular necrosis and transplantation, using cutting-edge imaging technology.

Dr Jayne runs the Vasculitis & Lupus clinic, and coordinators multi-centre trials in vasculitis and SLE.  These are focused on the evaluation of new agents and the optimization of conventional therapies.  His group recently coordinated a study contributing to the DFA approval of Rituximab for use in the therapy of vasculitis.  He coordinates the European VAsculitis Study Group which forms clinical trials and long term evaluation of vasculitis patients.

Dr Bradley’s group has been studying the pathways involved in signaling by TNF-alpha family members in endothelial cells and their relevance to renal inflammation and transplant rejection.  He coordinates the Yale-Cambridge Cardiovascular Research Initiative, and is the Director of the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre.

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