Clinical Pharmacology


This Division hosts the £5.5M Wellcome Trust/GSK interdisciplinary training programme in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, which includes a full- or part-time MPhil in Translational Medicine, and annual competitions for posts as MB/PhD, ACF, PhD Fellowship, and Clinical Lectureships.  The programme enables trainees in almost any branch of Medicine to acquire skills that bridge the bench-to-bedside divide.  The division’s internal research interests are:

Professor Morris Brown investigates genetic and non-genetic approaches to relating pathogenesis of hypertension to finding the best treatment or cure in individual patients.  Clinically, he leads the BHF’s multicentre programme of trials, PATHWAY, which will lead to the routine use of plasma renin analysis, and has validated use of 11C-metomidate for PET-CT scanning of Conn’s adenomas of the adrenal.  Laboratory discoveries include the finding of somatic mutation of a K+ channel in 50% of 50 Conn’s adenomas, and the role of an orphan G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), GPR61, in regulating aldosterone secretion.

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