British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellowship awarded

Dr Murray Clarke has been awarded a British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellowship to investigate how cell type-specific necrosis drives inflammation in atherosclerosis and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Murray Clarke has previously shown that death of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) leads to unstable atherosclerotic plaques – the primary cause of heart attacks and stroke. […]

Fingerprint of a killer

Can whole genome sequencing provide the forensic information needed to map and control the global spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Offensive manoeuvres in the war against HIV

Although anti-HIV drugs can significantly prolong life, patients must take the drugs for the rest of their lives. New approaches to therapeutics may hold the answer to finding a cure for HIV.

Bacterial DNA sequence used to map an infection outbreak

For the first time, researchers have used DNA sequencing to help bring an infectious disease outbreak in a hospital to a close. Researchers from the the University of Cambridge, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and Cambridge University Hospitals used advanced DNA sequencing technologies to confirm the presence of an ongoing outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus […]


New MS drug proves effective where others have failed

A drug which ‘reboots’ a person’s immune system has been shown to be an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who have already failed to respond to the first drug with which they were treated (a ‘first-line’ therapy), as well as affected individuals who were previously untreated.  The results of these two phase III […]

Expanding the heart and lungs of medicine

Fundraising is under way for a joint Cambridge University and Papworth Hospital Heart and Lung Research Institute – to sit alongside the anticipated new Papworth Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus – enabling a major expansion of cardiorespiratory research in Cambridge.   Plans (subject to final design selection) of the Heart and Lung Research Institute […]