New study into traumatic brain injury aims to match therapy to individual patients


A project led by Professor David Menon in the Department of Medicine, together with Professor Andrew Maas of the University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium, aims to provide the evidence on which to base best practice treatment. With funding of £25 million from the European Union, more than 60 hospitals and 38 scientific institutes are participating in […]

School of Clinical Medicine MRC/Sackler Prize PhD Programme

The School of Clinical Medicine is offering eight fully funded PhD studentships and seeks outstanding, highly motivated students to commence in October 2014. Over 40 projects are available covering all the major areas of biomedical research within the School. Successful students, based in specific Departments, will have access to excellent research facilities, opportunities for collaboration […]

New advances in Inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases

Scientists from the Department of Medicine have recently published major advances in our understanding of a number of important diseases including inflammatory bowel disorder,  rheumatoid arthritis, malaria, recurrent respiratory and virus infections.  READ MORE   Scientists discover genetic disease which causes recurrent respiratory infections Discovery could lead to new treatments for this genetic disorder Cambridge […]

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Michael Neuberger (1953 – 2013)

It is with great sadness that the Department of Medicine reports the death of  Michael Neuberger, Deputy Director of the LMB and Head of Division of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Honorary Professor in the Department of Medicine who died on Saturday 26 October, after several months of serious illness. He was an outstanding and […]

Cambridge scientists lead brain injury research that could benefit millions

Professor David Menon of the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and Professor Andrew Maas of the University Hospital Antwerp will be in charge of a Europe-wide investigation into the causes of and treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI). More than 60 hospitals and 38 scientific institutes, including six from outside Europe, will participate in […]

School of Clinical Medicine received a silver Athena SWAN award

The School of Clinical Medicine, which covers 12 University departments, received a silver award from Athena SWAN, the charter that recognises commitment to advancing women’s careers – See more at:

How do we eliminate Human Cytomegalovirus?

Many of us are infected with a virus we’ll never clear. While we’re healthy, it’s nothing to worry about, but when our immune system is suppressed it could kill us. John Sinclair and Mark Wills, recently received a fifth consecutive five-year grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC), which focuses on understanding how Human Cytomegalovirus  […]

Three dimensional structure of the HIV RNA packaging signal

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HIV, the causative agent of AIDS, is a virus that packages two copies of its RNA genetic material into each virus particle. To select this RNA from the many RNAs that are present in the infected cell, part of the viral RNA genome has to fold up into a complex ‘knot’ whose three dimensional structure […]

Elected Fellows to the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences

 Four members of the Department have received significant honors recently.  Professor Gillian Griffiths (Division of Immunology and Director of CIMR) was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society.  Dr David Jayne (Consultant in Nephrology and Vasculitis), Professor Sharon Peacock (Professor of Clinical Microbiology) and Professor KJ Patel (Group leader and member of scientific staff at […]