Dr Jane Goodall awarded an Arthritis Research UK, Senior Fellowship

Dr Jane Goodall has been awarded an Arthritis Research UK, Senior Fellowship and a Medical Research Council funded project grant to investigate whether cellular stress pathways play a critical role in inflammation and arthritis.

Jane Goodall has previously identified that cellular stress pathways contribute important signals that work together with infection to induce the expression of the cytokine (an immune system hormone), IL-23.  The dependence of IL-23 on expression of these stress signals has important implications, since this cytokine is essential for the development of arthritis in many model systems.  The aim of her senior fellowship is to determine whether the inhibition of cell stress responses could provide a novel therapeutic strategy to treat inflammatory diseases, including arthritis. The Medical Research Council funded grant awarded to both Jane Goodall and Prof. Hill Gaston in the division of rheumatology will complement this research by addressing some fundamental mechanistic questions that will identify how microorganisms such as chlamydia and salmonella activate these cellular stress pathways.